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Ray Charles famously said that “Music is Music”.  True.  But Fashion is Fashion.  And fashion plays a significant role in the recording studio, where our task is to find the right clothes for the song. We believe a lot of songs out there are suffering from terrible sounding clothes.  This belief prevents us from embracing certain production aesthetics.  In this way, we at Orchid Studios have chosen to be part of the solution.

Think of us as the girl who rides that bicycle with a wicker basket full of vinyl (Electric Warrior, Odessey & Oracle,  Blonde on Blonde) wearing a worn out Duran Duran shirt she bought on Main St.   Or the guy on the moped bringing his Les Paul Custom to rehearsal, where he’s playing perfectly sloppy blues in an east van jam room that smells like a microbrewery.

Ok.  Maybe we’re not like either of them….   but we’re friends with them.   They are both good people, in their own way, and they make cool records here.


Marketing is Marketing.   Many producers & engineers, boast their abilities to make recordings of any genre.  These are talented folks.  I have no idea how they do that.  We make no such claims here.  But….  perhaps it’s time your songs saw a specialist?