There are artists, producers and engineers to whom vintage gear is very important.  If you are among those afflicted with this belief, Orchid Studios will not disappoint.  If you have yet to hear your music recorded through a classic console, brace yourself…

But before we miss the point entirely by focusing on the camera itself, rather than what’s in the viewfinder…   perhaps some balance and inspiration could be found here.

If you still feel GEAR is the most important factor when assessing a studio, read on…


Vintage 1976 Ward Beck Systems 2042 (20 channels)
Vintage 1975 Ward Beck Systems 1204 sidecar (12 channels)
Soundcraft GB2R (remote rig)

Outboard Mic Pre’s

Original API 312 from Sunset Sound Studio B’s Demedio Console  (a piece of audio history!)
Ampex 351 Tube Microphone Preamp
RCA 4-1 Tube Microphone Mixer (direct outs added by Dave Thomas)
2 x WBS 460 Modules
2 x Yamaha PM1000


SSL buss compressor from 5000 series console.  (racked & powered by Recycled Audio)
Summit TLA-100A (original issue)
(2) Eseco Limpander (rare ‘60s speech compressor)
(3) 1960’s CBS Labs Volumax
(6) WBS 466 compressor / limiters
(5) DBX 903 compressors
(2) DBX 902 de-essers
DBX 166 (vintage unit with op-amp upgrade)
(2) DBX 163 (original)
(2) DBX 163x (original issue)

Reverb / Delay

Echolette S-2 Tube Tape Echo (rare 60’s unit from West Germany)
Roland 201 Space Echo Tape Delay
Orban 111b Spring Reverb
Eventide H3000
(2) Roland SDE -1000
Roland SRV-2000
Korg SDD-1200
(2) Korg A3
Memory Lane 2 Analog Delay

Ribbon Mics

Oktava ML16 (“Boris” – soviet copy of RCA 77 circa 1966)
Shure M300

Dynamic Mics

Shure SM7A
Sennheiser 421 (late 60’s/70s)
Sennheiser 411
(2) Electrovoice Re-55
Telefunken D19
(2) EV-664
(2) Shure SM57
Advanced Audio Microphones D-20 (EV RE-20 clone)
Audio Technica ATM25
Audio Technica MB 6k

Condenser Mics

Altec 21br Tube Lipstick Mic (circa 50’s)
Altec 21D (circa 50’s)
(2) Altec 28A
Advanced Audio Microphones 414 (AKG 414 clone)
Advanced Audio Microphones tube pencil condenser
NTEC 5600 (U67 inspired)
Sennheiser Shotgun
Oktava MC012

Acoustic Guitars, Basses, etc

1964 Epiphone Cortez
1952 Harmony Sovereign
1973 Martin
(2) 1960’s Eko Ranger Electro 12
1968 Fender Palamino
1966 Harmony Sovereign
1965 Framus Parlour Guitar
1971 Harmony Sovereign
1960’s Harmony Baritone Ukulele
1960’s Yamaha Red Label
El Kabong (circa 1900 Mexican handmade guitar)
1960’s Harptone Acoustic Bass Guitar
Harmony 5 string Banjo
Appalachian Dulcimer
Mexcian Tres

Electric Guitars, Basses, etc

1970’s Ventura Les Paul Copy
1978 Les Paul Custom
1989 Rickenbacker 330
Rickenbacker 330-12
1968 Yamaha electric 12
Fender Jaguar  re-issue (circa 90’s)
Mosrite Californian
Hagstrom Viking (60’s)
DeArmond Bluesbird
1967 Fender Coronado Bass II
1968 Fender Coronado Bass (modified with Gibson pickup)
Garnet Jazz Bass
Fender 62 reissue Jazz Bass (90’s)
Late 60’s Vox VG4 Semi-Hollow Bass

Vintage Amps & Cabs

Leslie 147
1972 Ampeg B15 Portaflex
1966 Fender Dual Showman & 2×15 Cab
1964 Gibson
Magnatone H-431
1973 Fender Super Reverb (Blackfaced)
Klempt Echolette M-40
Magnatone M-7
Fender Deluxe (built by Franck Sala)
Marshall 18 watt Bluesbreaker (built by Franck Sala)
Garnet Pro 50
(2) Garnet 4×12 (marsland speakers)
Traynor Vocal PA head
1971 Univox 4×12
(2) Harmony H300
Garnet Rebel
Northland Baffin Island
(2) Califone extension speakers
Thorcraft Grant
Garnet Tripper
1979 Ampeg SVT & 6×10 cabinet

Cool & Useful Studio Tools

Cloudlifter CL-2
Trek II Leslie Combo Preamp Pedal
Radial X-Amp
Radial SGI
Weber Impedance Matcher
(4) Karma Audio 10-20 db pads
Ward Beck Distribution Amp


Ampex MM1200 8 track 1” tape machine (pls inquire in advance if your project wants tape)
Pro Tools (Digi 001 /Aleisis Ai-3 / Apogee Big Ben) 
Aleisis HD24 (remote rig)
Aleisis Masterlink